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Home Haircare: My Favourite Hair Masques


There is nothing quite like the feeling of fresh hair as your leave your hairdresser's chair. It feels bouncy, healthy and rejuvenated. Why can we never seem to have this same feeling when we are at home?

Although the stylist may have the magic touch when it comes to smoothing and preening your hair into position, a lot of how your hair feels is down to the condition of your hair and how it is looked after day to day. Unmoisturized hair feels dry, brittle, can be prone to breakages and can look really lifeless. The true key to maintaining luscious locks is keeping your hair 'well fed', nourishing it with a moisturising hair masque ideally a couple of times a month.

Your haircare routine is super important if you have a big event or wedding day coming up. You'll want your hair to look healthy, radiant and shiny for your big day. The best way to achieve this is with regular trims, to keep the ends fresh, cut down on using heated tools (to minimise damage) and restore your hair with regular treatments (hair masques).

I created this video to chat about my favourite hair masques and share the benefits with you:

Products I discussed are:

Sebastian Penetraitt Masque -

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque -

If you have any questions about hair masques please do drop me a message and I will be more than happy to assist you :)

Thanks - Kirsty

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